Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Journey to the West to build COSPLAY Mito Xiu Xiu

Super porridge online game, "Westward Journey" in the game characters, all of them are full of flavor sexy to not work, so I like COSPLAY, how to live it COSPLAY and game characters matching ?(*^__^*) hehe ... ... with Mito Xiu Xiu to build COSPLAY.

Figure 1 charming red-Qiang

Figure 2 sexy fox Mei Ling

3 faint enchanting Pathetic Figure

Porridge "Westward Journey" in MM are not heart it? In fact, this drop with the beauties Xiu Xiu is very simple to do, not easy to create a minute, do not believe you first download a Baidu search Mito Xiu Xiu COSPLAY it with me.

First, graffiti plucked out of game characters

Mito Xiu graffiti tools reflect the creative DIY, easy for the background, it can be plucked out of PS than a simple portrait 鍟?~ ~ N times

Tips: If the edge of bad art that you can enlarge images to dwelling on the edge, hehe

Good plan and then pull the saved, keep into use as a jewelry ~

Second, the game characters and photo COSPLAY

Then open the "red Qiang" game characters chart charming ah ~ ~

Then import just saved COSPLAY Portrait ~ very simple drop, just click on "Import jewelry" can ~

After importing you can use as ornaments, the hey, a picture is you ~

3, decorative picture more dynamic

In order to image with personalized text ~ can also be used for writing graffiti brush strokes, calligraphy and seal with the feeling Oh, SO COOL ~

Mito Xiu Xiu is the section over the fire to non-mainstream image processing software, there are a lot of static and dynamic style of border text templates and just add a button oh ~

N Mito Xiu course provides non-mainstream Indian jewelry and more transparent, let you play no limit Oh ~

Fourth, the unique effect of a key FEEL

There are more pictures COOL effect it, LOMO hidden corners and gradient color, if using PS to most of the day to achieve it ~ Khan ~ I used the beauties Xiu easy one-button buttoned ,(*^__^*)

Figure 12 LOMO effect Dark Corners

Figure 13 Gradient color effects

Of course, like non-mainstream MM are not to be missed beauties Xiu Xiu's flash map features cool flash effect gesture oh

Figure 14 Flash map effect

Unimaginable simple? A rare effect, right? Heart of your download beauties Xiu quickly interpret their own game of life, leave others, the game is not the exclusive boys, MM also be able to play the game more "beauty" more " FEEL ".


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sept. 23 countries gathered to celebrate the first day the World Green Building

2009 骞?9 鏈?23 鏃?(鍛ㄤ笁) is the world's first Green Building Day (World Green Building Day), will be synchronized during a series of global events to bring attention to sustainable buildings (sustainable buildings) in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions the important role played by. World Green Building Day by the World Green Building Council (World Green Building Council, WorldGBC) was established. WorldGBC from 14 historic Green Building Council, eight new committees and more than 30 stages around the world for a committee is still composed. WorldGBC is by supporting the green building rating system, dedicated to education and training and called for the global adoption of sustainable building practices, the global real estate market and construction industry in transition. Press Releases

WorldGBC Chairman Tony Arnel, said: "Architecture in the field of energy use more than one-third of the global total, and in most countries, the construction sector are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. This makes building the solution to climate change the most effective and most cost-effective way, particularly through technology to make buildings energy consumption reduced by 30% to 50%. World Green Building Day is a call to action to ensure that the green building of the international community priority consideration, part of the solution to climate change and the country gathered in December of this year the United Nations Climate Change Conference (United Nations Climate Change Conference) the focus of discussion when the policy makers. "Press Release

World Green Building Day activities include: press release

WorldGBC: 9 鏈?23 鏃? WorldGBC will hold a summit in Toronto, Canada and the reception. WorldGBC will the global industry leaders and policy makers gathered together to listen to experts, green building by reducing the carbon emissions contributing to the enormous potential. In addition, the plan will focus on Canada, as well as governments show the international stage as a leader in promoting green building opportunities. Speakers include world-renowned architect Karan Grover, Obama (Obama) government adviser Frank Biden and WorldGBC executive director Andrew Bowerbank.

Australia: September 24, WorldGBC will launch the Asia-Pacific Network (Asia Pacific Network), the network will provide countries with support to help them develop their own Green Building Council, developing rating tools and the introduction of education programs. Australian Green Building Council would also welcome from China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore and New Zealand's green building leader to attend a two-week Asia-Pacific Green Building Leadership Forum (Asia Pacific Green Building Leadership Forum), the The forum will focus on green building in the Asia Pacific region to accelerate the adoption. Press Releases

United Kingdom: September 23, the United Kingdom Green Building Council will hold an event in the House of Commons. The event is organized by Emily Thornberry MP, chair, UK energy and climate change, Mr David Kidney, Deputy Minister and the Green Alliance (Green Alliance) director Stephen Hale will deliver a speech. Press Releases

New Zealand: September 24, in green house (Green Room) in New Zealand Green Building Council to participate in the activities, focusing green building innovation and to celebrate the World Day.

Germany: In September 23 the World Day of green building, certified building will be open to the public. Guests can sample to sustainable building within the visit. Under the guidance of the wizard's tour will demonstrate to visitors how to achieve sustainable building.

Austria: Austria new Green Building Council will invite students to participate in the Vienna University of Economics (WU Wien) at the "sustainable building" teach-ins.

Taiwan: September 23, more than 300 volunteers will participate in the parade for their green plan (Green Tourprogram) training courses.

U.S.: September 23, advocates from 75 U.S. will participate in the United States Green Building Council in Washington, DC, the Capitol's "Initiative on the Congress" (Congressional Advocacy Day) activities. The theme in a number of green building policy, the summit participants will put into the green building long-term exchange of views on climate change mitigation legislation.

World Green Building Council

World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) is a national coalition of Green Building Council, whose mission is to accelerate the global transformation of the built environment to sustainable development. The current members of the Green Building Council holds more than 50% of global construction activity, and involved more than 10,000 global companies and organizations. States Green Building Council is a consensus-based non-profit organization to promote leadership in all areas to support transformation of the built environment play a positive role.


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