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Masanobu CAT

I. Overview

For large and medium enterprises, research institutes, translation companies, localization companies, foreign units and foreign affairs departments, text translation is often large. The traditional method of translation primarily in translation-based, some even on the computer to complete, but no unified workflow, efficiency is low. In response to this backward way of working, we engage in text based on years of experience in translation work, developed out of "Masanobu CAT (Computer Aided Translation) professional translation platform" for the company, translation project team to provide complete solutions for electronic translator .

"Masanobu CAT" professional translation platform, similar to the CAD (computer aided design), it can help the translator quality, efficient and easy to complete the translation work.瀹冧笉鍚屼簬浠ュ線鐨勬満鍣ㄧ炕璇戣蒋浠讹紝涓嶄緷璧栦簬璁$畻鏈虹殑鑷姩缈昏瘧锛岃?鏄湪浜虹殑鍙備笌涓嬪畬鎴愭暣涓炕璇戣繃绋嬶紝缈昏瘧璐ㄩ噺鍜屼汉宸ョ炕璇戝畬鍏ㄧ浉鍚岋紝缈昏瘧鏁堢巼鍙彁楂樹竴鍊嶄互涓娿?

In the process of translation, there are a large number of repeat or similar sentences and fragments. Artificial translation even the simplest of sentences, also need to write again. "Masanobu CAT" automatic memory and search mechanism, users can automatically translate the contents of the store.褰撶敤鎴风炕璇戞煇涓彞瀛愭椂锛岀郴缁熻嚜鍔ㄦ悳绱㈢敤鎴峰凡缁忕炕璇戣繃鐨勫彞瀛愶紝濡傛灉褰撳墠缈昏瘧鐨勫彞瀛愮敤鎴锋浘缁忕炕璇戣繃锛屼細鑷姩缁欏嚭浠ュ墠鐨勭炕璇戠粨鏋滐紱瀵逛簬鐩镐技鐨勫彞瀛愶紝涔熶細缁欏嚭缈昏瘧鍙傝?鍜屽缓璁?

"Masanobu CAT" is a self-learning software, it will be with the user, to learn new words, grammar and sentence structures, to save users more time. "Masanobu CAT" comes with enhanced tools "Masanobu CAM (Computer Aided Match)", can be translated before the user data into reusable memory.杩欐牱锛岀敤鎴峰氨鏃犻渶閲嶅浠ュ墠鐨勫姵鍔紝浠庤?鎻愰珮缈昏瘧閫熷害鍜屽噯纭?銆?br />For network users, you can listen online real-time shared library such as thesaurus and translation resources, translation synergies, maximize efficiency. Single user, can be a floppy disk or the Internet to exchange and sharing of translation resources.

Second, the system constitutes

聽聽聽 鐢靛瓙鍖栫炕璇戠郴缁熺敱璁$畻鏈猴紙缃戠粶锛夌郴缁熴?"闆呬俊CAT"涓撲笟缈昏瘧骞冲彴銆佹枃妗g鐞嗙郴缁熴?瀛楀鐞嗚蒋浠躲?鎵弿浠?鍏夊瀛楃璇嗗埆杞欢锛圤CR锛夈?鏍煎紡杞崲宸ュ叿鍜屾墦鍗版満绛夌粍鎴愩?鐢ㄦ埛鍙互鏍规嵁闇?澧炲噺鐩稿簲鐨勫垎绯荤粺銆?br />Third, the subsystem description of the function

1, text recognition system by a computer, scanner and optical character recognition software (OCR) component.鎶婄‖鎷疯礉鏂囨。杞崲涓虹數瀛愭枃妗c? For the less hard-copy documentation unit, can the ordinary type of scanner, the price of 1000 yuan.闅忔壂鎻忎华閰嶆湁鏅?鐗圤CR杞欢锛屽彲浠ヨ緭鍑篋OC銆丷TF鍜孴XT鏍煎紡鐨勭數瀛愭枃妗c?瀹屾垚鍗曢〉鏂囩璇嗗埆闇?1鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸銆?Users can choose the larger number of high-speed scanners, scanning speed of 20-30 pages per minute, with Pro OCR software can recognize complex layout of the presentation.

2, the document format conversion user experience in the translation process of the document format is varied. For the text (TXT) and RTF format file, you can directly Masanobu CAT system translation; for Word (DOC) documents, Masanobu CAT and Ms-Word to establish a seamless link directly in Word in the translation; for RC, HTML and FrameMaker and other formats of the document, use the "Masanobu CAT" supporting the document format converters, unified document format is converted to intermediate.鐢ㄦ埛鍙渶鍦?amp;quot;闆呬俊CAT"缈昏瘧鐜涓伐浣滐紝鑰屼笉蹇呭叧蹇冨師鏂囩殑鎺掔増鏍煎紡锛屾牎瀵瑰悗鐨勮瘧鏂囩敤鍙?杩囪浆鎹㈠櫒杩樺師鎴愭簮鏂囦欢鏍煎紡銆?br />
聽聽聽 3銆佸瓧澶勭悊杞欢鍦ㄥ伐浣滅粍闂寸粺涓?噰鐢?amp;quot;闆呬俊CAT"杩涜缈昏瘧鍜屾牎瀵癸紝閫氳繃杞崲鍣ㄨ繕鍘熶负鍘熷鏂囦欢锛屽瓧澶勭悊銆佹祻瑙堝櫒鎴栨帓鐗堣蒋浠剁敤浜庢鏌ヨ繕鍘熷悗鐨勬帓鐗堟晥鏋溿?

4, document management systems users to translate the presentation is very valuable. When these manuscripts accumulated to a certain amount of time on their management is very important.鏂囨。绠$悊绯荤粺鍙互瀵瑰師鏂囥?璇戞枃鍜岀浉鍏崇數瀛愭枃浠惰繘琛岀鐞嗭紝浠ヤ究淇濆瓨鍜屾煡鎵俱?

5, "Masanobu CAT" professional translation platform "Masanobu CAT" is the core of e-translation process, users with its powerful project management and interactive translation, it can be convenient, fast and accurately complete the translation process.

IV contrast effect

聽聽聽 1銆侀噰鐢ㄨ绠楁満杈呭姪缈昏瘧鍏锋湁鏋侀珮鐨勭炕璇戞晥鐜囨垚闀块?搴︼紝鍦ㄤ娇鐢?amp;quot;闆呬俊CAT涓撲笟缈昏瘧骞冲彴"3涓湀鍚庯紝鏅?缈昏瘧浜哄憳鐨勭炕璇戦?搴﹀皢鎺ヨ繎浜哄伐缈昏瘧閫熷害鐨勭悊璁烘瀬闄?20000瀛?浜?澶?br />

聽聽聽 2銆?amp;quot;闆呬俊CAT涓撲笟缈昏瘧骞冲彴"涓庝紶缁熶汉宸ョ炕璇戞垚鏈瘮杈冭〃锛?br />

First in January
Cost per unit

First in February
Cost per unit

绗?鏈?br />Cost per unit

Traditional human translation of traditional human translation




"Masanobu CAT" assisted translation



1 / 3

1 / 3

3, "Masanobu CAT professional translation platform" is a huge potential proliferation, and mobility and other factors will not result in the accumulation of negative growth.
聽聽聽 缈昏瘧璧勬枡鏁版嵁绉疮澧炲?姣旇緝琛細

First in January

First in February

绗?鏈?br />

鏈?珮绋冲畾澧為暱鐜?br />
Accumulated growth in the traditional personal





Masanobu Knowledge accumulated growth





5, electronic translation workflow

Use "Masanobu CAT" as a translator, you can create a unified electronic translation process, greatly improve translation efficiency and quality of translation. Following is the translation process (broken line part is optional):


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Bill - Bill Gates retirement after pitching in a number of patent applications

July 15, according to foreign media reports, last week by the Searete company in a patent application submitted by Microsoft founder Bill emerged - the name of Gates, he is working with other team members working on a reduced hurricane power of patents. The patent is the use of equipment to make sea water cooling, to change its surface tension will force the introduction of other security zones, thereby reducing the power of the hurricane.

Searete company's Intellectual Ventures in Bellevue, Washington company's subsidiary company, founded by a former Microsoft executive, is committed to the new invention. Intellectual Ventures founder Nathan - Myhrvold (Nathan Myhrvold) served as Microsoft's chief technology officer, and in 1991 founded Microsoft Research.

Some critics say, Intellectual Ventures will raise the cost of intellectual property litigation, but the company claimed that in addition to universities, laboratories and outside the Fortune 500 companies, also with more than 500 scientists and technical personnel cooperation.

This is not the only one with Bill Searete company - Gates-related patents. Since the Bill - Gates from Microsoft CEO position last year, since leaving office, he will more time and energy on Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) on the Fund's objective is to improve global health, education status, poverty reduction, and the maintenance of a number of other benefits.

From the patent application submitted by Searete, we also found that the name of Gates also appears in the magnetic storage engine and patent medicines. Gates, Myhrvold involved with drugs can be controlled temperature storage research and development, the device can maintain the best beer and wine storage temperature. It can be the device's sensors and monitoring equipment, electronic display inside the liquid, without the need to open the device.

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