Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bill - Bill Gates retirement after pitching in a number of patent applications

July 15, according to foreign media reports, last week by the Searete company in a patent application submitted by Microsoft founder Bill emerged - the name of Gates, he is working with other team members working on a reduced hurricane power of patents. The patent is the use of equipment to make sea water cooling, to change its surface tension will force the introduction of other security zones, thereby reducing the power of the hurricane.

Searete company's Intellectual Ventures in Bellevue, Washington company's subsidiary company, founded by a former Microsoft executive, is committed to the new invention. Intellectual Ventures founder Nathan - Myhrvold (Nathan Myhrvold) served as Microsoft's chief technology officer, and in 1991 founded Microsoft Research.

Some critics say, Intellectual Ventures will raise the cost of intellectual property litigation, but the company claimed that in addition to universities, laboratories and outside the Fortune 500 companies, also with more than 500 scientists and technical personnel cooperation.

This is not the only one with Bill Searete company - Gates-related patents. Since the Bill - Gates from Microsoft CEO position last year, since leaving office, he will more time and energy on Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) on the Fund's objective is to improve global health, education status, poverty reduction, and the maintenance of a number of other benefits.

From the patent application submitted by Searete, we also found that the name of Gates also appears in the magnetic storage engine and patent medicines. Gates, Myhrvold involved with drugs can be controlled temperature storage research and development, the device can maintain the best beer and wine storage temperature. It can be the device's sensors and monitoring equipment, electronic display inside the liquid, without the need to open the device.

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