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Green clean: universal video player, the Hot

Video player is almost all computer software necessary one, but to find a small size, support for video formats and very complete player, is not easy. So also the number to the number to several of the individual products are bundled, some products support the format are still not rich. Is not a software to satisfy the discerning user?

Doubled after inspection, I stumbled across a name of "hot video" player, not only to comply with the "three noes" principle and its function is very useful, very simple interface. I just installed it, played a while, put all the other players, kicked out of a hard drive. [Click to download hot video]

Figure 1 Hot video player interface

1, through killing all video formats

Using different formats of video files for playback test, I found hot video playback support for all video formats, including DVDRip, Real, QuickTime, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, XVD, ACC, MPC, 3GP ... ... and so on. Many market players are also known as "the pass to kill all", but they tend to play 3GP this is very popular in the mobile phone video file decoding error occurs, the hot video installation automatically upgrades decoder compatibility update format, so can support these formats.

Hot video with a "decoder smart search" function, can automatically search and download the user's machine without the decoder, all new format, the format of different schools were mention.

Second, the program small and slim

This player installation file is only 1.87MB, it is estimated that there is no smaller than the media player, right? Of course, is not included in the version of the decoder. Decoder with only 13MB, but it can successfully solve all codec problems. In addition, the heat of the memory footprint is very small, in the free space in 5.6MB memory, 12MB occupied about when playing audio, video playback occupy 20MB, the performance is far better than the "appetites" huge super king, but also better than the Storm Video . World of Warcraft seems to side, watching a movie or listen to songs is no big problem side up.

Figure 2 Hot Video (kuree.exe) and STORM (mplayerc.exe) play the same file resource consumption compared

PConline Note: The previous screenshot is wrong, Xiao Bian is also open player comparison. But this time the state of the two players are not the same. See the specific reasons for "any interception of Windows Media Player video tips" comment No. 5 floor. The comment is also a way to cut any video.

Third, green software, no plug-ins

Alas, this year, the rogue in power, even the "no plug-ins" can be "magic" of. Hot developer promises "free and constantly updated software for life, certainly not in the background to install any plug-ins." It also requires users are monitoring.

4, the service attentive, and constantly updated

After a lot of software was born, it becomes a "no mother of the child" was abandoned hundreds of years have not seen a return to upgrade. Fortunately, hot video's not been such a fate, although free, but the government has promised a return to upgrade every Thursday, and also notice the next upgrade. Users with a bad mood, you can complain to the forums will definitely be answered. In particular, depressed face can not play video, audio files, you can also go to the official website thrown to them.

5, two useful small features

Function, the function of comparison is really hot, discard some fancy features (in fact, these advanced features, set almost no user will be used), provided some very practical and distinctive features: for example, support Play After Shutdown or Sleep operation, this function used to bed at night for those who watch movies, do not open the machine to sleep is also a waste of electricity. There are the boss key feature, the default is "Alt + Q".

Figure 3 Hot video of the Boss Key

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How VB.NET does not. NET Framework to run the machine

Make your own setup

In, we can build "setup and deployment projects" project, very flexible and convenient to own. Net programs produced for the windows installer file. For example, we can easily customize the following options:

1. Whether to place a shortcut on the desktop.

2. Register your own file types, you can double click the file to use his program to open.

3. Registry of Treatment

In the following msdn site, we can get through in setup and deployment projects to make your own setup example: asp

Release. Net framework

. Net framework 1.0 is used to provide a redeployment. Net the exe file: dotnetfx.exe. It contains the common language runtime and the other. Net program runs essential element.

We can see from the following site to download the exe file:

At the same time, we can also install cd or dvd in found in the file.

We can run the dotnetfx.exe by a variety of ways to. Net framework deployment to the target machine:

1. Through the microsoft systems management server deployment.

2. Through the active directory deployment.

3. To use third-party tools.

Specific information, we can see the following article:

Make your own native installer

If we want to own. Net program released to the target machine, and we are unsure whether the target machine has been installed. Net framework, then we need to design their own section of unmanaged code to determine whether the target machine is installed. Net framework If not, then run the dotnetfx.exe to install. net framework, and then use windows installer to install your own program.

In the following msdn page, we can get one using unmanaged c + + implementation of the installation program and its source code:

1. Csettings class, by reading "settings.ini", get your own msi installation files and the way dotnetfx.exe

Diameter, and other settings of your own. (Such as. Net framework language version)

getcaptiontext (void)

getdialogtext (void)

geterrorcaptiontext (void)

getininame (void)

getproductname (void)

parse () function is used to resolve settings.ini file.

2. Main.cpp file, global function fxinstallrequired () to determine whether the target machine to install. Net framework. Fxinstallrequired () will check the following registry key and dotnetfx.exe version and language settings.


3. If you need to install. Net framework, the global function execcmd () call the following command silent install dotnetfx.exe: dotnetfx.exe / q: a / c: "install / l / q"

4. Execcmd () global function to call the following command to install your own msi file: msiexec / i reboot = reallysuppress


If we use the above native code as their own installation program, then we can through the following steps to their own. Net program and its combination of:

1. To your own. Net program make a windows installer (. Msi) file.

銆??2.鎵撳紑"settings.ini"鏂囦欢锛屽湪"msi" key涓缃偍鑷繁鐨?net绋嬪簭鐨刴si鏂囦欢璺緞鍜屾枃浠跺悕;鍦?amp;quot;fxinstallerpath" key涓紝璁剧疆dotnetfx.exe鐨勮矾寰勩?鍏蜂綋鐨勫弬鏁颁俊鎭紝鎮ㄥ彲浠ヤ粠涓嬮潰鏂囩珷涓緱鍒帮細


銆??3. 鎶?amp;quot;setup.exe", "settings.ini", "dotnetfx.exe"鍜屾偍鑷繁鐨刴si瀹夎鏂囦欢锛屽彂閫佸埌鐩爣鏈哄櫒涓婏紝鐒跺悗杩愯"setup.exe", 瀹夎绋嬪簭浼氳嚜鍔ㄦ娴嬫槸鍚︽湁.net framwork, 濡傛灉娌℃湁锛屽皢棣栧厛杩愯dotnetfx.exe銆?br />

銆??閫氳繃涓婅堪姝ラ锛屾偍鍙互灏嗚嚜宸辩殑.net绋嬪簭鎴愬姛鐨勯儴缃插埌娌℃湁瀹夎.net framwork鐜鐨勬満鍣ㄤ笂銆?br />


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CIMS help dragon fly

Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as dragon company) is Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Xiamen Automobile joint stock Co., Ltd., Beijing Huaneng Comprehensive Utilization Development Corporation and Hong Kong, France and Asia Matheson set up four joint ventures for "Dongfeng Group" members, put into production in 1989. Golden Dragon Bus is China's first Sino-foreign joint enterprises and the industry's first high-end manufacturer of luxury tourist bus, mainly engaged in King long and medium-sized luxury bus line, high-speed coaches series, fast coach series and special vehicles series product development, production and sales. Dragon Products sold throughout 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and exported to North America, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, by the majority of customers welcome and praise.

Dragon company more than ten years in the market economy tempered with the product market and technology development are two core competencies, starting from the mid-to high-speed development period, production volumes and sales revenue to an average annual rate of more than 60% increase in 1998 sales revenue of 505 million yuan, total profit of 40.9 million yuan; products continue to sell well in 1999, has introduced cost-effective new products by the market welcomed the annual sales income of 1.06 billion yuan, more than doubled in 1998 a Fan, passenger car industry in the country ranked second in sales 100%, total profit 54.19 million yuan; 2000 market maintained rapid growth momentum, close by the end of September sales of 1.012 billion yuan has been completed, the per capita output value and profit in the same industry leading standards. At present, the dragon is the national industry, the company management has included a "national bus industry backbone enterprises of major support," one not included in Shaoxing, Suzhou Branch and Division under the relevant indicators in the country, "Machine 500 enterprise "ranked No. 186.

Select CIMS practical value

Management software applications in particular, to consider the situation of China. Overseas, many good management software, but after getting to the majority of Chinese are not very applicable, and some are barely used also with the bad. The reason, mainly China and status of the enterprise management level is difficult with the standard management of foreign software integration. Enterprises spend a great price, take a very long time, the implementation of the result is discarded parting, leaving the difficult to use. Ricci Information Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Chiang always introduce CAPMS 8-ERP software remark touched us, he said: "CAPMS software similar software in the absorption of the essence, while abroad, taking into account the actual situation of domestic enterprises for processing a large number of conditions. It is precisely because the absorption of domestic management software similar foreign software also made the best of conditions of the deal, only to make good use of domestic enterprises with the possibility of ERP software, which is characteristic of domestic software where. "
Price of course, one of the factors: business to do anything to be considered input and output, taking risks, moving the hundreds of thousands of foreign software on millions of dollars to the domestic enterprises, it is not a small burden, but also increase the software implementation of the risk, as well as software issues in future upgrade costs, companies need to seriously consider. There is a caveat: since the mid-nineties, domestic software (such as the two dimensions CAD, PDM, ERP, etc.) has been greatly improved, has been able to meet the practical needs of domestic enterprises, since the software can meet the needs of domestic, cheaper prices than foreign software, why not use Chinese software?

To give full consideration to after-sales service: software, especially as ERP, PDM implementation of such a large software will have a longer cycle, enterprise application consulting, software, training principles, software application training, software customization changes are essential, foreign software technical support for the high cost of domestic enterprises unbearable, difficult time Chengshou; while foreign software companies closed Xing's software to enable domestic workers Hennan 杩涜 changes in other foreign software to pair the Buchong and Zuojiao Da this is feasible is also debatable; the above reasons, after-sales technical support on the timeliness and effectiveness is difficult to guarantee. The domestic software is different, though China-made software should receive technical support costs, the price of domestic enterprises can afford, and made the source code for software is relatively open, large customers of changes delegated to the software company, a general adaptation can resolved by the companies themselves.

CIMS Engineering quadruped Dingli

Dragon's CIMS application project mainly by the engineering design (CAD) subsystem, product data management (PDM) sub-systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) sub-systems and computer network / database of the four sub-systems components. In the work we mainly used by domestic software to implement CIMS, dragon's CIMS project, the cost of domestic software accounting software for more than 70% of the total cost.
Engineering design and product data management subsystem subsystems selected software is Tongfang Software Corporation independently developed two-dimensional CAD system (MDS2000), product data management system (PDM), enterprise resource planning software subsystems selected Information Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Lima independent research and development CAPMS 8-ERP software, these applications have more processing conditions, more in line with the actual situation of Chinese enterprises, technically more mature, is pushing the theme of national 863/CIMS major goal of product, there is a wide range of users in the country, and the software company has strong technical strength and rich implementation experience, strong technical support efforts. Golden Dragon successful applications for these enterprises in all sectors to achieve the product sales, technology development, production planning, financial management, materials management, service management, computerization of various departments of business management to improve enterprise information sharing degree, CIMS has become dragon company's technology development, production management indispensable tool, greatly enhancing the efficiency of enterprise staff and management level.

Engineering Design (CAD) subsystem
The end of 1997 the company introduced dragon GHMDS2.0 (Gao Hua mechanical design drawings of the original system), complete in six months, "get rid drawing board"; two-dimensional CAD drawing design has been completely universal, the company headquarters and all branch offices, passenger car division product development and design have already achieved 100% CAD drawing. To the first half of 2000, all GHMDS2.0 software has all the upgrades to the MDS2000, a total of 34 sets of two-dimensional CAD software MDS2000 used in the technical development personnel. MDS2000 applications, greatly improving the company's passenger car product design dragon level, to improve the designer productivity.

The end of 1998, Golden Dragon's company introduced three-dimensional design software EDS UG, after initial training, advanced training and applications for some time now to use the software to develop two luxury buses of new products, launched a new product from bus design, design to structural design, component design and the general assembly and other work to make passenger cars more intuitive modeling, design and development process much faster, and improve design quality.

March 1999, the company introduced dragon ANSYS Inc. ANSYS finite element analysis software, and recruitment of the professional and technical personnel, through training and application, has been the use of the software products and development of existing passenger cars structural strength of new products Analysis and Optimization analysis and optimization of product design, shorten the product development cycle.

Product data management (PDM) subsystem
Dragon Company in July 1998 with the first use of Tsinghua-party software product data management (PDM) system and Document Management System EDMS, product design and document management. Designers use two-dimensional CAD design drawings and technical documents related to the direct input in the management of EDMS, the beginning of 1999, partially completed in the EDMS model of drawings, technical documentation, product storage and a large amount of detailed statement of the old order scanned drawings, vector work, and basically established the model of the computer gallery; in July 1999 and began full implementation of product data management (PDM) system implementation for my company's specific situation, put forward in our company's PDM running model, and solve the user collected the issues raised on the PDM software has been customized, secondary development and customization work, and for PDM system test run.

PDM system has been modified and customized test runs, in July 2000 the company officially put into use in the dragon, the current PDM system has been in the company's product design department, production management, quality management department, purchasing department, sales and service departments, normal operation of the manufacturing department to achieve a product design, paperless workflow management; dragon company PDM system implementation, to effectively address the design process, the standardization of technical information, technical information transfer, circulation, feedback fast and fluid, currently has a large number of drawings and technical information to effectively manage them, so that different departments of different officers in accordance with the authority, quickly and easily query and obtain the required drawing and technical data, and ensure data integrity, security and confidentiality . At the same time, PDM systems are also CIMS information integration platform for the project, the CAD and ERP systems to achieve integration of information.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) subsystems
Dragon Company under the management of production operations and the actual situation, from April 1998 onwards, it gradually began CAPMS 8-ERP software implementation, to October 2000, has implemented a system management subsystem in batches, manufacturing data management subsystem, inventory management subsystem, sales management subsystem, material supply subsystem; general ledger management subsystem, fixed assets management subsystem, cost management subsystem; service management subsystem; master production scheduling subsystem, materials demand planning subsystem, JIT management subsystem; human resources management subsystem, tool management subsystem; PDM interface management subsystem and a series of subsystems; also commissioned the School of Management, Huazhong University of Science development and implementation of Internet-based order management subsystem as a sales management subsystem upstream subsystem, to provide data.

The implementation of these subsystems, covering the company's product sales, production planning, financial management, personnel management, materials management, after-sales service in all aspects of management, after a large number of customers of changes to the functions of subsystems, without changing its basic logic thinking more in line with the principle of actual companies and meet the dragon's actual management needs.

System integration
August 2000, the completion of each subsystems in the basic application, the system integration of the entire project installation and commissioning work, at present, the entire system has been run can be integrated to achieve the original design goals.

The implementation of CIMS integration work includes two aspects, one aspect is the integration of CAD and PDM, PDM integrated management plan document data generated by CAD and PDM generated by the project data and design BOM data. Another is the design and manufacturing BOM BOM information integration, formed by the same party PDM BOM project data and design data directly to Lima Company CAPMS 8-ERP system interface management subsystem, the data from the Ministry of Information Members of the relevant properties to maintain add the necessary project and maintenance, generate manufacturing BOM, then transmitted to manufacturing data management subsystem, provided to the ERP of the subsystems.

CIMS economic return to see two dragon

Dragon's application of domestic software implementation of the CIMS project not only improved the management level, the benefits of good economic benefits, such economic benefits include both direct and indirect.

Direct economic benefits (1) to respond to market significantly faster. Our production model is based on manufacturing and design orders, orders for goods when the customer wants a very urgent one hand, on the other hand there are many customer orders individualities request, need to modify the design, and quickly customized to meet customer requirements , is the key to keeping order. After the implementation of CAD and PDM systems to realize the drawings, document management, design process management, computerized, did not respond to the market faster than before the implementation of the system increased by 50%, of the rapid occupation of the market played a very important role. (2) accelerating new product development, quality improved significantly. Keep a good value for money at the right time to introduce new products, the company quickly capture the market's secret weapon. Three-dimensional design software and finite element analysis software application, in order to add a significant new product development means and tools greatly enhance the quality of new product development and level of production by hand than in the past new product model, developed more than 40% faster , early occupation of the market for new products grab the opportunities. (3) in accordance with the application of management thought and logic, on the Shengchan redesigned program achieved closed-loop control of the production process not only reduced the backlog in the products, while, the manufacturing department management personnel to keep abreast of plans and technical information changes in the revision, the completion of production tasks to track feedback, to improve productivity through the implementation of 24%. (4) to accelerate cash flow. The company 268 million yuan of liquidity, turnover of 153 days, due to increased fund management, shorten product development cycle and product delivery cycles, accelerated cash flow, capital turnover decreased by 10 days, improve cash flow rate of 0.17 times, the company each year cost-saving 1.3 million yuan. (5) a significant increase overall economic efficiency. As of the end of September 2000, had total sales income of 703 million yuan (Xiamen Local), 66% more than last year, a total profit of 34.38 million yuan (Xiamen Local), 34% more than last year.

Indirect economic benefits (1) XMJL-CIMS implementation of standardized business management and operation of the foundation, the company has established a scientific management system and rapid response of the enterprise operational mechanism, promote the standardization of enterprise management process, institutionalized, responsibilities of various departments to make more clear, scientific and reasonable. (2) greatly improve efficiency, increase the depth of management to improve the management level. (3) improve the enterprise's reputation and enhance the market competitiveness and adaptability. Due to the cost-effective, to meet customer needs, attract a large number of new and existing customers, continued in 2000 order, product demand, orders have been lined up in February 2001. (4) laid the foundation for the future development of the enterprise: to establish a high-speed, clear the computer communication network, and CIMS data sharing between the various sub-systems to achieve integration of information within the company, the initial realization of the online supply chain management and after-sales service management. The company has trained a number of CIMS can be more proficient in the design and management unit technology to carry out the work of high quality staff and software application maintenance team, which will benefit the company long term, improve the company's competitiveness. Information to determine the direction of development of the company, the company developed into Xiamen for the management, technical, sales center, around the production department, based on adoption of Internet and Intranet, to realize the business of marketing, technology, capital, etc. management, and domestic and international customers and suppliers with extensive contacts and cooperation, to develop a rapid response to market changes, agile manufacturing enterprises laid a solid foundation.

Golden Dragon CMIS social benefits have Miyoshi

Xiamen Golden Dragon is the first company in Xiamen City, the first and currently the only implementation of the CIMS project company, Dragon Company CIMS design ideas and system architecture in Xiamen City, discrete products manufacturing business has a representative and exemplary, Dragon Company CIMS project implementation for the Xiamen City, Fujian Province, the implementation of CIMS manufacturers provide valuable experience and can draw on the model, with a wide range of model significance and application value.

Efficiency and promote the implementation of CIMS project need dragon company can shorten the product development cycle, enterprise, improve product quality, reduce product costs and increase efficiency, make the products more competitive market, higher quality products to meet the growing needs of the market to meet the needs of customers, to accelerate the development of China's automobile industry contribute to our strength.

Domestic companies believe dragon mainly the domestic software CIMS, CIMS implementation of the domestic software development and provides a perfect opportunity and the stage, so that domestic software enterprises in China to have good performance, and establish a domestic business confidence in the use of domestic software to promote the continuous development of domestic software and improve.


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