Monday, October 25, 2010

Green clean: universal video player, the Hot

Video player is almost all computer software necessary one, but to find a small size, support for video formats and very complete player, is not easy. So also the number to the number to several of the individual products are bundled, some products support the format are still not rich. Is not a software to satisfy the discerning user?

Doubled after inspection, I stumbled across a name of "hot video" player, not only to comply with the "three noes" principle and its function is very useful, very simple interface. I just installed it, played a while, put all the other players, kicked out of a hard drive. [Click to download hot video]

Figure 1 Hot video player interface

1, through killing all video formats

Using different formats of video files for playback test, I found hot video playback support for all video formats, including DVDRip, Real, QuickTime, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, XVD, ACC, MPC, 3GP ... ... and so on. Many market players are also known as "the pass to kill all", but they tend to play 3GP this is very popular in the mobile phone video file decoding error occurs, the hot video installation automatically upgrades decoder compatibility update format, so can support these formats.

Hot video with a "decoder smart search" function, can automatically search and download the user's machine without the decoder, all new format, the format of different schools were mention.

Second, the program small and slim

This player installation file is only 1.87MB, it is estimated that there is no smaller than the media player, right? Of course, is not included in the version of the decoder. Decoder with only 13MB, but it can successfully solve all codec problems. In addition, the heat of the memory footprint is very small, in the free space in 5.6MB memory, 12MB occupied about when playing audio, video playback occupy 20MB, the performance is far better than the "appetites" huge super king, but also better than the Storm Video . World of Warcraft seems to side, watching a movie or listen to songs is no big problem side up.

Figure 2 Hot Video (kuree.exe) and STORM (mplayerc.exe) play the same file resource consumption compared

PConline Note: The previous screenshot is wrong, Xiao Bian is also open player comparison. But this time the state of the two players are not the same. See the specific reasons for "any interception of Windows Media Player video tips" comment No. 5 floor. The comment is also a way to cut any video.

Third, green software, no plug-ins

Alas, this year, the rogue in power, even the "no plug-ins" can be "magic" of. Hot developer promises "free and constantly updated software for life, certainly not in the background to install any plug-ins." It also requires users are monitoring.

4, the service attentive, and constantly updated

After a lot of software was born, it becomes a "no mother of the child" was abandoned hundreds of years have not seen a return to upgrade. Fortunately, hot video's not been such a fate, although free, but the government has promised a return to upgrade every Thursday, and also notice the next upgrade. Users with a bad mood, you can complain to the forums will definitely be answered. In particular, depressed face can not play video, audio files, you can also go to the official website thrown to them.

5, two useful small features

Function, the function of comparison is really hot, discard some fancy features (in fact, these advanced features, set almost no user will be used), provided some very practical and distinctive features: for example, support Play After Shutdown or Sleep operation, this function used to bed at night for those who watch movies, do not open the machine to sleep is also a waste of electricity. There are the boss key feature, the default is "Alt + Q".

Figure 3 Hot video of the Boss Key

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